Conrad & Scherer

Established in 1974 by William R. Scherer, Jr. (Bill) and Rex Conrad, Conrad & Scherer began its journey as a civil law firm focused on serving local community needs. Throughout the years, we’ve experienced significant growth, yet we’ve never strayed from our core principles of virtue and integrity, that have been the bedrock of our firm from the beginning.

Today, Conrad & Scherer has transformed into a renowned trial attorney firm recognized for its expertise in high-stakes, complex litigation. Our broad service range encompasses intricate civil litigation, bank fraud and Ponzi scheme litigation, construction litigation, land use, government relations, and trust and probate litigation, among other areas of law.

Our success is grounded in our dedication to providing aggressive legal representation balanced with unparalleled business acumen. We tackle our client’s complex legal challenges with a multidimensional approach. Our team of highly skilled trial attorneys and seasoned professionals collaborate to deliver the comprehensive, high-quality legal counsel our clients require.

When it comes to high-end complex litigation, Conrad & Scherer is not just a law firm – we are a partner you can trust. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, working tirelessly not only to meet but exceed our client’s expectations. Our legacy of success in intricate legal battles and our unwavering commitment to our clients have made us a trusted choice for those seeking superior legal representation. At Conrad & Scherer, we ensure our clients feel confident and well-represented every step of the way.

Regardless of the context or location, clients can rely on the expertise of Conrad & Scherer’s professional team for nuanced and dedicated support tailored to their unique needs. Whether it involves crafting meticulous legal memoranda, adeptly negotiating, developing comprehensive contracts, or presenting persuasive arguments in the courtroom, we excel. Particularly notable is our prowess in courtroom advocacy, where we have consistently proven ourselves as vigorous champions of our client’s interests.

Our commitment to excellence has been acknowledged widely. Conrad & Scherer has been recognized as a Top Law Firm by the South Florida Legal Guide and has been honored as a Best Law Firm while also earning an AV Rating® by Martindale-Hubbell®. Our legal acumen has found expression in numerous high-profile endeavors, such as the 2000 presidential election recount, and in securing what is reported to be Florida’s highest recovery percentage for victims of a Ponzi scheme. Our recent litigation portfolio includes a class-action lawsuit representing over 9,200 local businesses.

However, not all cases or clients need to be high-profile to benefit from our expertise. Our reputation as specialists in managing complex and challenging cases of all kinds is well-established and hard-earned. Regardless of the size or visibility of the case, each client benefits from our robust legal capabilities. At Conrad & Scherer, we take immense pride in our dedication to excellent legal representation across all forums. We honor the trust placed in us by our esteemed clients worldwide by handling their intricate legal matters with sophistication, integrity, and uncompromising quality.