May 04, 2021

Meet Our Associate, Kirk R. vonHilsheimer, Conrad & Scherer Trail Laywers

I think Conrad & Scherer really has a unique role. It’s a powerful combination between a large law firm with a lot of resources and trial experience and the small tight knit community aspect of a smaller law firm. It’s a really rare opportunity to be able to work at a firm where you get the best of both aspects and it’s a really unique opportunity and I’m very glad to be a part of it.

When I was an undergrad I took a couple philosophy classes that includes a logic course and some related courses. And when I was in finance I didn’t really see a lot of use out of those courses and they weren’t really related to anything I was doing. But as soon as I started working at a law firm I noticed that in the day to day interactions, and the type of work you would do, you would really use a lot of the ideas and thought patterns from those courses. And those were really engaging. I hadn’t seen course work be especially be applicable outside of those courses before.

I absolutely think that my experience at Conrad & Scherer has been especially informative and really shaped my career and how I want to practice law. When I first started at Conrad & Scherer, the firm had a big trial coming up almost immediately after I started. It seemed like everyone at the firm not matter if they were directly involved on the case or not, no matter what role they had at the firm. Was working together to try to succeed at this common goal. And that kind of camaraderie was a really unique and appealed to me.