Conrad & Scherer’s Chief Financial Officer, John P. Nixdorf, Awarded Coach of the Year by SABR

Conrad & Scherer is pleased to announce that our firm’s Chief Financial Officer, John P. Nixdorf, was awarded Coach of the Year for the Conrad & Scherer Fighting Litigators soccer team.  This award was presented by the Soccer Association of Boca Raton (SABR), where the firm has shown support through the Youth Program sponsorships throughout the years.

SABR’s fundamental outlook is that the organization best serves their community and their mission by being a ‘total’ club.  They offers a variety of programs, so players of all skill levels in Boca Raton have an opportunity to play the game at the level that best suits each individual.  SABR also strives to maximize the development of each player within each of its programs.  Their Youth Program has the most players of any Florida Youth Soccer Association club.