I’m Michael Dutko I’m a partner at Conrad & Scherer.  I’m a member of the firms land use and zoning practice area.  I’m here with John Rodstrom who is an associate here, who I work very closely with.

We are going to talk today about some of the issues related to land use and zoning especially here in South Florida.

Land use and zoning issues especially in South Florida are a challenge and have only become more so since the pandemic.  There are a lot of people who want to move to South Florida from other areas of the country.  And even more so there are many companies that want to relocate to South Florida due to many aspects of what we experience down here.  Not the least of which is tax issues.  But all of those companies want to build something.

The first question you have to ask when you want to build something is, what am I allowed to build?  What am I allowed to do?  You need knowledgeable attorneys who can help walk you through that process and help you get all of the necessary approvals that you’re going to need to get.  Anything a developer  or individual wants to build is going to require some sort of review through the local government authorities down here in South Florida.  That’s going to require application of local government rules and regulations.  Of Florida state statutes.  Of all kinds of laws that could really impact what you could develop and to what extent you could develop it.

We here at Conrad & Scherer are well versed in that.  We have incredible relationships with the folks at the different local government authorities down here in South Florida especially in Broward County and Palm Beach County.  We know how to advocate for your interests in order to hopefully get what you want approve, approved.

Another reason why land use especially in South Florida is such a challenge is if we take a look at Fort Lauderdale in particular.  Areas like the regional activity center in Downtown or the Barrier Island have really seen tremendous development or the past several decades.  So the amount of area that these developments could be built has been severely reduced which has caused these developers to seek other places where they can build.  Often times requiring zoning changes and other land use type changes.