I grew up in a family of politicians and the law and politics are inherently intertwined. My father was the mayor of Broward County and my mother was the Vice Mayor of Fort Lauderdale. Those two things led me to meet a lot of interesting politicians and lawyers growing up. One of the big factors of all that was the 2000 election. Obviously, the 2000 election was a big part of Conrad and Scherer. And that’s where my initial interest in joining this law firm started. My favorite area of practice is commercial litigation. Commercial litigation is incredibly interesting. First of all, I really appreciate the adversarial system, which is why I decided to become a litigator. Complex commercial litigation specifically has a very adversarial system, going against multiple parties and having multiple co-counsels on your side is really an interesting aspect of this type of law. The complexity of these cases, draw them out, sometimes they take years, and the entire time is a fight.


As a firm we’ve been busy these last 45 years. But that hasn’t stopped us from keeping up with technology and staying at the cutting edge. One of the very interesting aspects about law especially in this day and age is the great technology that we can employ, such as ediscovery and things of that nature. Sorting through millions of documents is now something that you can actually do. Years ago that was never possible. Along with Westlaw and technologies like that you no longer have to go to law library or sift through books to find what you’re looking for.