Before I studied the law, I studied economics. I worked on an economic think tank in London. One of my favorite things about the confluence of the law and economics is that they’re both concerned with market friction, transaction costs, incentive effects. That’s the major thing that attorneys offer to clients, is easing those sorts stress points and economists study those stress points

At Conrad & Scherer we specialize in protecting business investments. Because there’s a human cost behind the creation of a business and that business legacy. Mr. Scherer understands that very well having been in law for over 45 years. I think clients seek out legal council to shepherd over uncertainty. My personal philosophy is that the best and most enduring solutions comes from a person of integrity who spends and effort to help you get through those times periods of uncertainty

One of my favorite practices areas is government relations and public policy. Because it focuses on the aspect of social engineering that lawyers often specialize in and the power of the law to change social constructs and business realities and the realities that we all operate in is one of my favorite parts of the law