I joined Conrad & Scherer in May of 2020 and the reason I joined Conrad & Scherer comes down to one word, and that’s reputation. In the legal profession your reputation is everything. It’s widely known that Conrad & Scherer and Mr. Scherer in particular have a great reputation in the community. That’s something that I strive for myself. Being a young lawyer, and being able to be surrounded by people like Mr. Scherer and the other great attorneys at this firm is priceless. It’s widely known that if you have a high level legal dispute, that Conrad & Scherer is the place to go

I’m actually part of the Broward County Bar Association. I’m on the board of directors for the Young Lawyers Section. I’m also on the board of directors for the Federal Bar Association Broward Chapter. Now these are volunteer legal organizations that help the lawyers in the in their community and everyone else in the surrounding communities. What I like most about being part of the Young Lawyer Section is that we get to help a lot of children. We have various charitable events throughout the year. Such as our charity golf tournament and our holiday in February. We read to kids on a monthly basis. To be able to step out of that role as a lawyer and step into the community and help out children that are really just looking for somebody to talk to is something a great experience and it’s something that I cherish that I’m able to be a part of.

A particular phrase of philosophy that has kind of stuck with me is be the lawyer and not the litigant. It’s something that I learned in law school. One of my professors, he mentioned it to us in class and it stuck ever since. What I take that as and carry it with me is, know your role. In litigation there’s a lot at risk and a lot at stake. You have to know that you are here to help somebody, whatever side it is that you’re on. If you get to caught up and you become the litigant, the person that you’re representing. You might lose focus as to how you should best handle the case. What is the best for your client. How you need to hold yourself out as an attorney.