My legal philosophy is that the devil is in the details. And you really have to pay very close attention to little aspects of cases that turn into these bigger aspects and pay attention to details you might have missed. You have to go back and double check your work just to confirm that you’ve done everything you need to do. That you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed all your T’s in these large complex cases.

The firm has really grown with the times in terms of technology and that even though it’s a boutique firm, it has the same if not better technology than you would find in a larger firm in terms of document management, e-discovery systems, what the lawyers are required to know about e-discovery. And we’ve really kept up with the times and that’s been very impressive to me. Probably the most memorable case that I worked on was pretty widely known Ponzi Scheme that broke in 2009. In that case, a lot of the lawyers were involved in the firm, and it was an incredibly document intensive case. And it was really a whole team effort to try to go through that case and sort it out and figure it out and get it ready for trial. So that was one of the most mem cases that I’ve worked on here.