Dec 14, 2022

Partner, James F. Sposato, Featured in Fort Lauderdale Magazine

Conrad & Scherer Partner, James F. Sposato, was recently featured in the December issue of Fort Lauderdale magazine. Mr. Sposato’s practice is focused primarily on construction law, business disputes, trusts & estates, and other complex commercial litigation issues. Mr. Sposato earned his Post-Baccalaureate in Arts from Long Island University, where he graduated Cum Laude with Honors; soon after attending the Brooklyn Law School to complete his Juris Doctorate degree in 1999.

Nearly two decades of experience assisting clients in the South Florida area has shown his understanding and aptitude for the community he serves.

Learn more about James F. Sposato and his extensive experience as an attorney, below.

What is the most important quality of being an attorney?

Tenacity and equanimity are the qualities that I have relied upon most to be successful in the legal profession. Clients truly benefit from counsel who are not only persistently determined to obtain the best overall outcome, but who also have a mental calmness and composure. While you cannot predict all of the adverse twists and turns of some legal matters, you can control your preparation, competency and composure in dealing with them. I am also proud of my reputation for forging relationships with opposing counsel. As adversaries, maintaining a sense of mutual respect and professionalism, while fiercely advocating opposing positions, benefits all parties.

What are your favorite types of cases?

I have successfully represented a wide variety of clients ranging from various construction trades, insurance and design professionals, victims of catastrophic wrongful death and bodily injury, commercial business and hospitality owners and operators. However, my favorite types of cases are the ones where my client is the underdog. There is a greater sense of satisfaction in obtaining a positive result for a client who is anticipating the worst or just looking to mitigate damages, than there is in successfully litigating cases where you are expected to prevail.

What are the most common mistakes you’ve seen from other attorneys in the courtroom?

Many of us often encounter some very competent attorneys
who have difficulty “playing to the crowd” in the sense
that they carry themselves in the same manner regardless of the situation or audience. This includes how they question witnesses at deposition and how they interact with counsel and the judiciary. While there may be a time for grandstanding and swagger, there is also a time for expressing a sense of humble understanding, and getting the best result for your client means knowing your audience and adjusting your speech and demeaner accordingly.