Construction Litigation

What is Construction Litigation?

Construction Litigation involves the representation of stakeholders involved in a governmental, commercial, or residential construction project and settling any disputes that may arise amongst these parties. There are many stakeholders in a typical construction transaction, and these typically include:

  • Project owners
  • Project managers/construction managers
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Developers
  • Architects and building designers
  • Civil and mechanical engineers
  • Material suppliers
  • Insurance companies
  • Bonding companies
  • Cities/states/municipalities
  • Investors
  • Lending institutions/banks
  • And more

Construction litigation can cover a wide variety of types of claims, but most construction litigation cases arise out of breaches of contract, organizational negligence, and professional negligence.

South Florida Construction Litigation

Whether the national economy is growing or shrinking, South Florida consistently remains a magnate of infrastructure growth, residential development, and commercial and industrial growth. Entrepreneurs, developers, real estate moguls, and others have invested in the South Florida region over the past 10 to 15 years, and the region has responded with the construction and contracting firms necessary to sustain these growing enterprises. When you add in the emerging demand for green policies and enhanced building security, it quickly becomes clear that there is a high potential for legal questions and disputes in the construction industry – particularly in South Florida.

Conrad & Scherer’s team of construction litigation attorneys has more than 45 years of experience litigating cases surrounding new construction, renovation projects, and restoration projects. Let our firm’s collaborative experience guide you through the construction legal landscape.

Construction Litigation Claims in Fort Lauderdale

Construction projects have many moving parts and therefore prevent a substantial amount of risk and legal liability. Projects all require various contracts, have deadlines, necessitate inspections and reports, and need approvals. Furthermore, chances of construction accidents, while slim, are still present. Accidents can cause losses of human life, loss of quality of life due to injuries, and financial losses based on missed deadlines and additional costs incurred because of the accident.

Therefore, having an experienced Fort Lauderdale construction litigation attorney to guide you during a complex construction project in South Florida is critical. The success of your project may ultimately end up depending on it. At Conrad & Scherer, our experienced attorneys understand construction risks and have handled several high-profile cases in Broward County, Dade County, and all over Florida. Some examples of construction litigation our team is equipped to handle include:

  • Construction defect claims
  • Construction delay claims
  • Construction and mechanic’s lien claims
  • Contract/payment disputes
  • Chinese drywall claims
  • And more

Conrad Scherer’s attorneys also litigate professional negligence claims filed against construction professionals including, but not limited to, engineers, designers, planners, and architects. Our firm understands the additional costs that can quickly mount due to project delays, so we work to litigate diligently and effectively in order to come to an amicable solution for our client as quickly and efficiently as possible.