Maritime / Admiralty Litigation

What is Maritime Litigation?

Maritime litigation involves the interpretation of maritime law, which is also referred to as admiralty law. Maritime law is a group of laws, treaties, and conventions that govern a variety of nautical matters including maritime business agreements, shipping and lading, and criminal and civil offenses that occur on open water. Maritime or admiralty law also regulates more practical water-based matters including boat registration and licensure, maritime inspections, maritime liability and cargo insurance, shipping procedures, shipping contracts, and more.

While maritime law governs based on similar conventions to land laws, it is a completely separate code of laws that any business or individual needs to understand if they are operating in any way on open water. Some specific maritime matters governed by maritime law include:

  • Maritime injuries including slip and falls, falling overboard, being struck by a falling or moving object, and more
  • Limitation of Ship-owners Liability
  • Salvage Cases
  • On-vessel arrests
  • Petitory and Possession Actions
  • And more…

In many cases, especially when dealing with complex maritime issues, it may be worth it to bring the specific matter to court via a specialized maritime attorney. Contact Conrad & Scherer’s Fort Lauderdale maritime law attorneys for a confidential consultation to help you navigate the complex maritime legal environment.

Maritime Litigation in Fort Lauderdale

South Florida, and specifically Fort Lauderdale, is among the maritime capitals of the United States and the world. As a result, more maritime cases are presented in the greater South Florida region than many other places in the United States. It is critical to partner with a maritime attorney team that possesses the skills, experience, and resources required to litigate these specialized cases. Common maritime law cases in South Florida can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Maritime personal injury
  • Cruise ship accidents
  • Marine vessel purchases and sales

Fort Lauderdale Marine Personal Injury

Injuries that occur in the open ocean or on another body of water can be very frightening, as these injuries occur in an isolated environment but often require immediate medical attention. If you do experience a severe injury during a commercial or personal maritime activity, you will likely want or need to seek financial indemnification for your pain and suffering along with any medical expenses incurred as a result. However, it is important to understand how being injured in a marine environment as opposed to being injured on land can affect your potential personal injury case.

If you do become injured in a maritime environment, you must approach the legal circumstances using a unique analysis compared to the legal analysis you would perform if you were injured on land. For instance, you must first determine if maritime jurisdiction applies, and if so, how it may affect the legal liability and/or ability to recover damages. Furthermore, if the incident occurred during a commercial maritime event, you may be bound by the governing state’s Worker’s Compensation law.

Your unique maritime circumstances will likely have some impact on your ability to recover damages and the amount that you are able to recover, so it is important to consult a firm with maritime experience prior to pursuing your case. The attorneys at Conrad & Scherer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have many years of combined experience litigating maritime personal injury cases.