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General Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to lawsuits brought in civil court, usually to establish a right or recover damages. Contract issues, business disputes, divorce, employment discrimination claims, and car accident lawsuits are just some of the many types of cases that fall under civil litigation.

Civil litigation typically involves written documents, called pleadings, beginning with a complaint and an answer. After the pleadings have been filed – or sometimes at the same time the pleadings are filed – the parties engage in discovery, which can include written interrogatories and requests to produce documents as well as sworn testimony, called a deposition. Our attorneys will guide you through all of these documents to gather information you need to present your side of the case and respond as required to inquiries from the other party or parties.

Often cases settle before trial, and your attorney will help you with settlement negotiations and, if appropriate, mediation as a means to resolve a case without going to trial. If your case does go to trial, you can count on our lawyers to provide you with strong, professional representation in court.

At Conrad & Scherer, our lawyers have wide-ranging experience in handling various civil litigation matters. We will meet with you to carefully analyze all of the facts and will work with you to accomplish the desired result. Whether you are starting a lawsuit or have been sued, we will provide the skilled representation and advice you want and expect of a seasoned trial lawyer.
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