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Government Relations & Public Policy

Conrad & Scherer uses various approaches to help its clients achieve their objectives.  Combining political experience with a substantive understanding of state and local policies, Conrad & Scherer’s government relations and public policy attorneys offer a full range of options for clients through business, litigation, and governmental strategies. With a reputation deeply rooted and woven into the fabric of the South Florida community, the Firm has developed strong ethical relationships with key individuals at both the local and state levels.

Conrad & Scherer’s Government Relations & Public Policy Practice provides a variety of services to assist clients at the local and state levels, including managing interactions with government officials, developing effective legislative answers for clients who are impacted by government policies and regulations, and assisting clients in delivering their message to government decision-makers. The Firm’s Government Relations attorneys strive to reach a resolution to a dispute without litigation, but when a political solution cannot be reached, they work in concert with the Firm’s litigation attorneys to obtain an appropriate resolution through the court system.

Successful solutions are sought by implementing one or more of the following or similar activities:

  • Ongoing monitoring of state and local government
  • Identifying emerging issues and the potential impact on clients
  • Reviewing and analyzing legislation, regulations, and ordinances
  • Strategic planning and interpretation of legislation, regulations, and ordinances
  • Direct advocacy to state, local government leaders, and decision-makers
  • Organization of neighborhood grassroots and other advocacy efforts
  • Utilizing the legal reputation and prowess of the Firm as a whole 

The Firm’s combination of knowledgeable lobbying with a mindful-eye on litigation is very effective in meeting its clients’ local government needs.

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