International Family Law

The Purview of International Family Law
South Florida’s diverse, international community lends itself to various types of international relationships, contracts, agreements, and disputes. International relationships are the most sensitive and require an additional degree of care, particularly when litigation is involved. International family law attorneys are in high demand in South Florida, but it is important to find a family law attorney with international experience and niche skillsets. Additionally, it is important to hire an international family law firm that possesses or has access to the breadth of resources required to help you navigate an international or multinational legal environment. Conrad & Scherer’s international family law team in Fort Lauderdale has more than 45 years of experience litigating international family issues in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties.


Common International Family Law Cases in South Florida
Conrad & Scherer’s family law and international family law attorneys have extensive experience with the following types of international family lawsuits, and more:


• Marriage dissolution
• Equitable asset division
• Domestic violence & protection orders
• Paternity/maternity
• Child custody
• Guardianship
• Adoptions & terminations of parental rights


It is not entirely uncommon for a South Florida native man to be married to a Brazilian woman who recently moved to South Florida from New York, for that couple to move elsewhere internationally for business, and for their children to attend a private school in Europe. Situations like these require a significant amount of care, discretion, and expertise. Conrad & Scherer’s professional international family law attorneys can help you understand your legal options and help you navigate the international or multinational legal landscape.


Fort Lauderdale International Family Law Attorneys
International family law attorneys are usually familiar with the varied legal systems in other countries. Ideally, Fort Lauderdale international family attorneys and international family law attorneys in South Florida should be familiar with the legal environment of neighboring Latin American countries. Experienced international family law attorneys should also be familiar with civil law as well as common law. Although no attorney could realistically internalize the laws of every country, experienced international family law attorneys are adept at discovering, understanding and comparing international laws and overall legal environments. Conrad & Scherer’s team evaluates practical impacts governing laws in a particular region that may apply to our clients’ specific circumstances.

Conrad & Scherer understands that genuine knowledge of and experience with foreign practices and social customs in the countries our clients are involved with are critical, and the firm’s resources extend well beyond the confines of South Florida.


Trust Conrad & Scherer’s International Family Law Attorneys
Conrad & Scherer’s international family law attorneys have several decades of combined experience litigating a wide variety of international and multinational lawsuits involving familial relationships in South Florida. With headquarter offices in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Conrad & Scherer primarily litigates international family law cases in Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade counties, but also serves the entire state of Florida. Of course, our international family law attorneys also litigate nationally and internationally. We have advocated for our clients in state and federal courts, and our tenacity and integrity help us achieve the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.


Conrad & Scherer also operates practices in other states including New York and North Carolina, and our firm also operates an office in Quito, Ecuador. If you, a close friend or relative, or business associate is facing any type of familial dispute or relationship issue that involves an international element, contact the professional legal team at Conrad & Scherer today. Our team of experienced family law and international family law attorneys will work together to guide you through the complex international legal environment to help you find the most favorable outcome for your specific set of circumstances.

    Of Counsel
    • Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Attorney at Law (Juris Doctor equivalent), 2003
    • Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Bachelor in Arts, 2001
    • Ecuador Bar, 2003
    • Of Counsel, not licensed in the United States

    David Garcés is an Ecuadorian attorney in the firm’s Quito office. He focuses his practice on advising U.S. and Latin American clients on international negotiations, mergers & acquisitions, cross-border litigation, family law matters and real estate transactions. He has experience in corporate law, transactions, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, e-commerce, family law, probate and international law. Mr. Garcés regularly advises Ecuadorian and international clients on Ecuadorian and international family law, probate and real estate issues. In addition, he serves as an expert on Ecuadorian law, providing declarations used in federal court litigation.