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Land Use Litigation

Conrad & Scherer’s Land Use Litigation Practice provides experienced representation in all aspects of land use litigation, including challenging over-regulation by local and state entities and agencies. Utilizing a team approach in the pursuit of a resolution, the Firm’s land use litigation, land development, and government relations/public policy attorneys craft effective strategies to achieve the client’s desired results. This collaborative approach from the start of the development entitlement process ensures a strong record in case there is a need for (or to defend against) litigation.

With a broad understanding of local and state laws in Florida and North Carolina, Conrad & Scherer’s land use litigation attorneys provide representation in a variety of judicial and state agency forums, including quasi-judicial proceedings before City and County Commissions and/or government bodies, pursuing and litigating claims under the Bert J. Harris Act, and seeking and obtaining declaratory relief, extraordinary Writs of Mandamus and Petitions for Certiorari.  Areas of focus and specialty include the following:

  • Legal challenges relating to comprehensive plan and zoning consistency
  • Vested rights
  • Compliance with historic preservation laws
  • Legality of fees and exactions imposed on property and development projects
  • Constitutional claims that often accompany statutory causes of action related to property

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