Mar 30, 2023

Meet Senior Associate Attorney Jason Adamsky

My interest in joining the team at Conrad and Scherer stems largely from this firm’s reputation for taking the fight all the way on behalf of clients. Applying vast years of experience and know-how and using every possible stratagem available to an attorney, Conrad and Scherer is well known for getting results for clients even in the most challenging of circumstances. This is the core reason why many individuals such as myself become an attorney in the first place; we want to get the best-case scenario for our clients even when the deck may be stacked against us.

Aside from my many years of experience fighting on behalf of some of the largest insurance companies on behalf of their insured, I bring to the table a very unique skill set where I’m able to work in a very diplomatic and disarming manner with opposing attorneys who unfortunately sometimes may come right out the gate with a very combative and abrasive attitude. Even despite this, at every turn, I’m always vigorously fighting for every possible strategic advantage for my client. I recognize that every situation is unique; sometimes trench warfare is appropriate, while other circumstances require a bit of a softer touch.

I recall taking a case to trial recently against a pro se plaintiff (a party representing themselves without legal representation). As we prepared for trial, there were a lot of questions that were raised about the implications of how things would work in a courtroom when a pro se plaintiff not only doesn’t have an attorney but is essentially a complete stranger to the legal system. I’ll be the first to say that nothing in a courtroom is ever routine, but that trial, in particular, required a very high level of extremely careful planning and preparation in order to put up an effective defense while at the same time leaving no room for chance in terms of unexpected tactics from the party plaintiff. In the end, I’m proud to say that the painstaking trial preparation process was worth every minute, and we prevailed with a defense verdict that was upheld on appeal.

Despite having lived in various locations all over the state of Florida, my roots are really here in South Florida as a born and raised native. As a native, I’m dialed into the unique political and social landscape of the South Florida microcosm that frequently becomes an important factor in the endless nuances of litigation. For these reasons, I’m likewise able to form very strong personal bonds and relationships with my clients as I am personally invested in obtaining the best possible outcome on their behalf.