Sep 05, 2023 | Uncategorized

Spotlight on Excellence: Mya Aly Secures NSU Conrad & Scherer Pathways Law Scholarship

Conrad & Scherer proudly announces Mya Aly, a Fort Lauderdale High School senior, as the recipient of our NSU Conrad & Scherer Pathways Undergraduate in Law Scholarship. This four-year scholarship underscores our dedication to supporting students keen on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in law at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

Mya distinguished herself among a group of aspirants, particularly during her involvement as a Fellow in the Pathways to Careers in Law program. This program, a joint effort between Conrad & Scherer, NSU’s Shepard Broad College of Law, and Fort Lauderdale High School’s Law Magnet program, is a beacon for students aiming for a career in law.

“The more I learn about law, the deeper I fall for it,” Mya said. “Participating in the Pathways program introduced me to NSU, allowed me to meet practicing lawyers, and exposed me to judges who overcame challenges in their careers. I was inspired. Now, nothing scares me, and I’m eager to become a lawyer and help people.

We believe in investing in the future, and with students like Mya Aly leading the way, the future of law looks promising indeed. We look forward to seeing the great strides Mya will undoubtedly make at NSU and in her subsequent legal career. Once again, congratulations, Mya, on this well-deserved recognition!