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Conrad & Scherer Announces Alexa C. Gebert as Associate

Conrad & Scherer is proud to announce that Alexa Gebert has been promoted to Associate. As an Associate in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office, she assists partners and senior associates in a variety of complex commercial litigation matters.

While in law school, Ms. Gebert placed an emphasis on diversifying her legal experience and gaining valuable hands-on knowledge from judges, lawmakers, and lawyers. She clerked for a county court judge in the First Judicial Circuit of Florida, for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services where she oversaw the implementation of Florida’s first industrial hemp program, and also clerked for a personal injury firm in which she was exposed to litigation. She earned her Juris Doctor degree from Florida State University College of Law and her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida.

Ms. Gebert has worked on numerous cases, both at the state and federal level, and she offers experience assisting jury trials.

Learn more about Ms. Gebert in the Q&A below

What challenges would an attorney face when becoming an attorney at Conrad & Scherer?

“In order to perform well at Conrad & Scherer, it is essential to have strong organizational and time management skills, particularly when handling complex cases with numerous parties involved. This includes staying on top of emails and not missing any important details. Having experience in both a law clerk and attorney role has given me a deeper understanding of the various aspects that go into a case and how to effectively manage the difficulties that come with becoming an attorney at this firm.”

How do you plan to contribute to the firm in your new position?

“As a young associate, I plan to focus on networking in the community and gaining a deeper understanding of the various legal practices in the area. This can provide insight on growing areas of law that may be of interest and where the firm could potentially expand its practice. Additionally, I plan to seek out complex and interesting cases that challenge the firm’s expertise and capabilities, helping the firm maintain its tradition of handling cases that are not simple and straightforward.”

How do you plan to build relationships with potential clients in the South Florida community?

“One of my goals is to improve my ability to make natural connections with people and potentially bring in new cases through those connections. I recognize the value in having conversations with people and listening to their needs, and I hope to use these opportunities to establish myself as a trusted resource and potentially bring in new business for the firm. Growing up in South Florida has allowed me to connect with people through various channels, such as college, religion, and law school. I plan to increase the visibility and recognition of Conrad & Scherer by attending local events and learning more about the people we hope to represent.”

What opportunities do you see for professional development in your role?

“There are many opportunities for professional development in my role, including the opportunity to work with the managing partner and other attorneys with extensive legal experience. I also see opportunities to interact with judges at events and to build relationships with potential clients in the South Florida legal community. Maintaining a respectful and reputable reputation is crucial in this small community, where everyone knows each other and the reputation of Conrad & Scherer.”