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Land Use and Zoning

Zoning and land use laws regulate the use and development of public and private lands in a particular area.

Municipalities use zoning ordinances to control local property development and also enact codes to provide guidance for other legal issues pertaining to land use including easements, setbacks, and building heights.

However, local and state zoning regulations do not always align with private or institutional plans, and dozens of South Florida real estate professionals rely on professional land use and zoning attorneys to represent their unique interests, while still maintaining a zone’s intended use or purpose.

Fort Lauderdale Land Use Attorneys

Conrad & Scherer’s land use attorneys provide practical and strategic advice that, combined with the firm’s resources, offers various types of institutional and individual clients the legal advice required to navigate complex land use and zoning issues.

Our Fort Lauderdale land use attorneys serve a variety of clients including real estate developers, commercial real estate owners, residential real estate owners, real estate builders, and more. to real estate owners, developers, and builders.

Conrad & Scherer land use attorneys advise clients concerning a wide variety of land use and zoning matters to assist them during the permitting process in South Florida’s complex legal environment.

With a solidified reputation in the South Florida community, Conrad & Scherer understands the importance of connecting with Florida state agencies, county commissions, and local municipalities to establish strong relationships and develop a deep understanding of the local zoning ordinances across the tri-county area.

Conrad & Scherer also maintains contact with local advisory boards and homeowners’ associations across the tri-counties to connect with local communities and their land use and zoning initiatives.

Common Types of Land Use Issues We Litigate

The land use attorneys at Conrad & Scherer litigate a variety of land use and zoning issues in tri-county South Florida as well as the entire state. We also litigate local cases with national implications. Some common land use and zoning issues our attorneys litigate and help with include the following, and more:

  • Code compliance disputes
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Zoning plan amendments and rezoning
  • Building and development agreements
  • Site plan evaluations and applications
  • Zoning and planning variances
  • Allocation or reallocation of residential units
  • Platting amendments
  • Conditional use and changes in use approvals
  • Code compliance issues
  • Tax incentive programs
  • Environmental land issues

Government Relations and Public Policy Attorneys

Governmental policies and regulations are constantly in flux, and it is important to stay aware of these changes and the impacts they will have on your business. At Conrad & Scherer, we take a bipartisan approach to public policy concerns. Our wide-ranging legal knowledge and experience allows our team of attorneys to strategize efficiently and effectively to deliver results at all levels of government and to meet your business’s needs. Above all, we embody strong ethical principles with uncompromising integrity.