Commercial Fraud Litigation

Commercial Fraud Litigation in Fort Lauderdale

In the Business world, most reputable organizations operate with legitimacy and integrity to ensure their reputations remain intact for future transactions. However, some organizations engage in fraudulent activities at the expense of individuals or other business entities. If your organization has experienced any of the following issues during standard business operations, you may be entitled to state or federal protection under a variety of commercial laws designed to protect businesses, employees, and consumers:

  • Bribery
  • Conspiracy
  • Inducing a breach of contract
  • Dishonest assistance/intentional deceit
  • And more…

In many cases, especially when dealing with larger claims, it may be worthwhile to bring the specific business fraud matter to court.

What is Commercial or Business Fraud Litigation?

Commercial fraud litigation, sometimes referred to as business fraud litigation, deals with any type of fraud related to a commercial or business transaction that occurs between two businesses, a business and a government entity, a business and a consumer, or in some cases, an employee and his or her employer. However, some of these employee/employer cases fall under employment law. The laws governing these individuals and organizations are known as commercial or business law, and they help ensure smooth transactions while working to minimize fraudulent activities.

Commercial Fraud Litigation Attorneys

Litigation surrounding issues of fraud involving business transactions, accounting activities, cyber crime, franchise law, and corporations are all considered commercial fraud litigation. Fraud is a frequent issue that comes up in cases of commercial litigation. If you believe you have experienced some form of commercial fraud, contact our Fort Lauderdale commercial fraud litigation attorneys today to discuss the details of your case.

Types and Examples of Commercial Fraud Litigation

Within the areas of business fraud and commercial, there are multiple, specific types of fraud cases that may be heard in Florida’s business courts. Some examples of these types of disputes include:

  • Contractual fraud and misrepresentation cases
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Contract misinterpretation
  • Breaches of contract
  • Consumer fraud and protection from consumer fraud
  • Franchise fraud and franchise disputes

All types of companies, commercial entities, and business organizations can become involved in various forms of commercial litigation when an instance of fraud occurs. Understanding your role and your business’s role in a case of fraud or deceit is critical to successfully defending and ultimately winning your case.