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Conrad & Scherer Attorneys, Michael E. Dutko, Jr., and Janine R. McGuire, were recently featured In Fort Lauderdale Magazine

Conrad & Scherer Attorneys, Michael E. Dutko, Jr., and Janine R. McGuire, were recently featured In Fort Lauderdale Magazine


Michael E. Dutko, Jr. is a partner in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office. Mr. Dutko’s practice focuses on government relations and public policy, procurement and government contracts, zoning, land use and development, land use and real property litigation and general commercial and civil litigation. Mr. Dutko was recently featured in Fort Lauderdale Magazine’s August Issue, highlighting his perspective on the future of evolving law and the steps currently being taken to prepare for this everchanging world.

Our very own Senior Associate, Janine R. McGuire, was also featured in the August issue of Fort Lauderdale Magazine for her work on the Conrad & Scherer Pathways to Careers in Law Program. Read the full article in Fort Lauderdale Magazine’s August issue.

Read below to learn more about Conrad & Scherer Partner, Michael E. Dutko, Jr.

How do you see law evolving over the next five years and how are you preparing for it?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the practical aspect of the legal profession in ways that we really did not foresee at the pandemic’s outset. Out of necessity courts had to adjust to the needs of a changing world, and many of those adjustments are beneficial to our clients. Gone are the days of full mornings spent at the courthouse to attend a hearing that ultimately takes five minutes. With Zoom and other remote technology, we are able to save our clients from unnecessary legal expenses, travel time, and many other inefficiencies.

Who was your favorite/best mentor?

My best mentor has always been my father. Since I was a kid I had a firsthand, inside look, at what it takes to fight for your clients – but fight with professionalism and respect. Contrary to what we might otherwise learn from our current political climate, it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. My father taught me that success in the legal world often depends on your ability to foster meaningful relationships with other attorneys, even when those attorneys represent adverse interests. Certainly, there is a time and place to be aggressive in your representation of a client, but too often attorneys do not know when to turn off the aggression.

What separates Conrad & Scherer from other firms?

Conrad & Scherer is truly a trial firm, and the combined trial experience of the attorneys at Conrad & Scherer is unmatched among other local firms. Many firms bill themselves as trial firms but are then unable to deliver truly effective trial representation. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to be contacted by a potential client that has been represented by other counsel in a lawsuit, only to find that counsel unready to try the case. We step in and utilize our trial experience to provide top-tier representation to clients.