Dec 01, 2009

Conrad & Scherer Represents the Victims in What Federal Authorities Say is The Biggest Fraud Case in South Florida History

“The Ponzi scheme would never have worked without the bank’s cooperation and blind eye of the senior management at TD Bank to what was going on there given the tremendous amount of my clients’ money that was flowing through trust accounts in that bank,” William R. Scherer, an attorney representing the investors, told ABC News.

Last week, Scherer amended his complaint to add new defendants: Banyan Income Fund and its executive George G. Levin; Onyx Options Consultants Corporation and its owner Michael Szafranski; Irene Stay, CFO of Rothstein’s law firm; and Berenfeld Spritzer Shechter Sheer, LLP, which audited Banyan and the law firm. Attempts to reach George Levin were unsuccessful.

“We believe that George Levin and Banyan was involved to conspire against us,” said Scherer. “Banyan was the big fund that had the exclusive for doing these deals with Rothstein.”