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Partner, Janine McGuire, Featured in Fort Lauderdale Magazine

Conrad & Scherer Partner, Janine McGuire, was recently featured in the November issue of Fort Lauderdale magazine. Janine is a partner in the Firm’s Fort Lauderdale office.  Janine’s practice areas include commercial litigation, trust & probate litigation, appellate practice as well as others.   She provides key litigation strategy and support for a diverse clientele throughout all stages of litigation.

Janine’s focus on estate and trust litigation involves many issues, including family businesses, fiduciary duties, real estate and compliance with fiduciary obligations. She works extensively with trustees, personal representatives, and others who find themselves in legal disputes involving probate proceedings and trust administration. Her extensive experience in appellate law provides insight throughout the litigation process during the trial court stages to ensure that appellate rights are preserved with a proper and compelling record should an appeal be necessary.

Learn more about Janine McGuire and her extensive experience with Conrad & Scherer below.

What have you learned from your 25-year career at Conrad & Scherer?

My 25 years with Conrad & Scherer have afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow immeasurably. The most important thing I have learned throughout my years of working at the firm is how to be an effective advocate. Each case presents a unique set of facts and issues, and every client is different. What I love most about my job at Conrad & Scherer is advocating for people, representing their interests and navigating the legal process on their behalf. As attorneys, we are basically lifelong students of the law. We are constantly learning.

Most rewarding career moment?

I have had many rewarding moments during my tenure at Conrad & Scherer. Recently, I became involved in an innovative collaboration between Conrad & Scherer, Nova Southeastern University, and Fort Lauderdale High School’s Law Magnet Program. Pathways to Careers in Law seeks to introduce minority students to the vast opportunities available in the legal field, which will help encourage greater long-term diversity in the profession. The initiative provides real-world experiences, mentorships and support to students who are interested in careers in law. The students I have met through Pathways are truly amazing. They are sponges seeking to learn as much as they can in order to fulfill their dreams of becoming attorneys. They have re-affirmed that there is no substitution for hard work and dedication. It is really exciting to be a part of this groundbreaking project, and I am so proud and inspired by these students.

Why is it important to consult with an attorney?

It really is important to consult with an attorney when you first become aware of a potential legal problem. There are so many nuances in the law and even in our procedures, that unsuspecting litigants may end up hurting their case in the early stages of a legal dispute. Even though an action or statement may seem innocuous, often times it can exacerbate the situation in ways not known to the litigant. Consulting with an attorney early on can help avoid any pitfalls, and increases the possibility of resolving the dispute without the need for litigation.