May 04, 2022

Choosing a Trial Attorney, Conrad & Scherer

When a client is considering law firms to hire to represent them in a complex litigation matter, the most important aspect is for the client to have the type of relationship with the lawyer, that there’s a sense of confidence in their abilities, confidence in what they’re telling you and comfort in the relationship that they’re going to have. Which could be a year, two years, three years, depending on how long a case lasts. The litigation process starts before a case gets filed.

Oftentimes it does not make sense to go to trial either for economic concerns, for client goals or for any other factors that exist. And so, although a trial attorney would always want to try a case because that’s what they do. It may not be the most effective or ideal result for a client and you have to be able to accommodate the client’s goals in order to best serve them.

And until you have a game plan, until you have a strategy on how a case can be litigated, you can’t litigate it. And so that’s where it starts and once the lawsuit gets filed or responses filed to a lawsuit on behalf of your client, there’s a discovery strategy to decide the depositions that you need to take, you decide what interrogatories and requests for production need to go out.

What subpoenas need to go out, what information needs to be gathered, what motions need to be filed and what strategy needs to be employed in order to best and most effectively tell the client story to get the best results.

Evaluating the Case

When a client is looking for a trial lawyer, they know they’re in a situation where they’re going to go all the way.

They’re going to start the case and I’m going to end the case by having it resolved either by a judge or a jury. Usually that’s determined by the relationship between the opposing parties, if they can’t agree, if they can’t get along, and figure it out, that’s when you realize you have to take it to the end and the end is trial.

The first step in that process is to identify the goals that the client wants to accomplish. And once those goals are identified, then it’s up to the lawyers to be able to develop a strategy, to implement those goals and to achieve those goals. And through that collaborative process, the client’s able to make any number of decisions on how their circumstance should be resolved.

When I first evaluate a case, the first thing that I’m thinking about is how is this going to be tried? What presentation needs to be done to accomplish what the client seeks to achieve. And from that vision, you can develop strategies throughout that process. It starts much like a screen write for a movie, you have a quick glimpse of what you anticipate to happen, and then you develop it even further by meeting with the client, understanding the client’s needs, understanding the facts, the evidence that exists and, and the rulings that occur, and then you can ultimately make it a decision, and how the client wants to resolve the issue.

The Experience of Conrad & Scherer

Conrad & Scherer has been on the frontier of representing trials in this community for a really long time. It started with Bill Scherer over 40 years ago. And, through this, there’s been a variety of talent who have been able to try some pretty significant cases in Broward county and throughout the state. Whether it’s complex business-related matters, personal injury, copyright and trademark, real estate litigation, complex securities issues, banking issues. There are a variety of sophisticated, complex areas that our trial lawyers have experience handling. There is nothing that can replace the experience of going to trial in order to be an effective trial lawyer.

It is an art form and it is a science and it’s something that has to be practiced. And if you don’t have the practice and you don’t have the skills, there is no way that you can be successful as a trial lawyer in Broward County.

The courtroom is our ball field. It’s our playing field. It’s our Olympic village. It’s where we do everything that we’re supposed to do as trial lawyers. And the way that you feel comfortable in that situation is to practice. And so even as a litigator, being in the courtroom and arguing motions and addressing issues with the judge or taking depositions, that’s all important and the more comfortable you are in those situations, the more effective you’re going to be as a trial lawyer.

The trial lawyers at Conrad & Scherer literally have hundreds of trials between them. I mean, we have, lawyers and paralegals and other staff equipped to work a case up from the very beginning through trial, reviewing electronic discovery and analyzing large volumes of documents, taking depositions, arguing motions, preparing presentations for the court and present it in the most strategic effective way, thoroughly prepared and ready to take this case to trial to get the best possible result.

If you review our firm’s website, you’ll see some of the cases that we’ve been involved in the significant challenges that we’ve overcome and the excellent results that we’ve accomplished for our clients.