May 04, 2022

Meet Our Associate, Thomas W. Arnst, Jr., Conrad & Scherer

I’ve been interested in working in Conrad and Scherer for quite a while now, the reputation is bar none to any other firms in South Florida, with the trial experience that the partners have and the collaborative environment that we share here, it really is giving me an excellent opportunity to take my legal acumen to the next level.

Compared to the prior firms that I worked at, Conrad and Scherer has really opened my eyes to really efficient, effective litigation methods. There’s a very collaborative environment here where associates and partners, as well as the staff work in tandem to reach the best results for our client and even though we are a small firm, this collaborative environment really makes us feel like a larger firm.

Notable Work & Cases

I’ve been interested in appellate law since early in my legal career. It’s really interesting when you get to get an established set of facts and use your critical thinking skills to analyze these and make a persuasive argument rather than slogging through the discovery and other issues that arise during litigation.

The proudest moment in my law career came when I won a summary judgment on the first case that I was ever assigned as an associate for one of the clients that I developed a really meaningful relationship over the three years we worked together. I actually remember walking my dog the day that the order came out and I stopped what I was doing, opened my phone and read the entire seven page order before celebrating and calling the partner handling the matter as well as my assistant to let them know the good news.

Personal Life & Goals

I’ve lived in South Florida my entire life as a native. I love this community and hope I never have to leave, it’s been great practicing as an attorney down here where I know so many people and I have so many connection. It really is meaningful when you’re able to represent people that you know, and really care about, but beyond that, every client that comes to my desk, I always form a personal relationship with them and I’m always invested in the outcome of any litigation they may have.

I think something that sets me apart from other attorneys is the empathy that I show to my clients. Whether they’re defending a lawsuit and aren’t sure of what direction to proceed, or if they’ve been wronged and they need to have us commence litigation on behalf of them.

I became interested in law, pretty early in my life. I was always attracted to the ways that attorneys view problems, not only professionally, but also in their personal lives. The critical thinking and objective nature of viewing problems is something that I knew I would excel at and I knew being an attorney would always be a great fit for me.