Jan 04, 2022

Meet Our Partner, Eric J. Hager | Part 2

We represent clients not only from Ecuador but also from other parts of Latin America. Oftentimes our clients in Latin America face different challenges than clients would face if they are based in the United States. One of the biggest challenges facing clients from abroad is a number of additional defenses.

When they bring a lawsuit in the United States, there are a number of challenges, a number of hurdles that we have become adept at helping our clients overcome. When a client comes to us and says well look, “I need legal assistance in the United States, I need to sue a person or a business in the United States,” we are always thinking “Okay what is the other side going to do? What hurdles are they going to throw up because our client is from another country?” Based on our experience over the years in working with clients from abroad, these are some of the challenges of working internationally.

We’ve been able to navigate those obstacles pretty well. I would say I really enjoy a case that is new, complex and difficult. A lot of legal practice is dealing with cookie-cutter cases, dealing with the same legal issue or the same factual scenario time after time after time. I enjoy the opposite of that I like when an issue is new

I like when the law is unsettled. There are some areas of law that have been settled for decades or even longer and everybody knows what the answer is. So it’s just a question of applying that law to the facts of the case, but I prefer when I have to really dive into the law and dive into the facts.

I like a challenge. That’s one of the reasons that I went to law school and became a lawyer to begin with. When I hear around the office that there’s a difficult case coming in or that there’s a complex client who really needs a deep dive on tough issues, I’m always one of the first ones to volunteer for that type of case.