Meet Our Associate, Angelica D. Zolnierowicz

Nov 04, 2021

I grew up in a family of small business owners from Europe. I am very interested in the intersection of international business, foreign affairs, and foreign languages and being able to speak a number of foreign languages has really opened up my ability to interact and communicate with my clients. What I mean by that […]

Collecting on Judgements, Russell O’Brien, Conrad & Scherer

Oct 13, 2021

My name is Russell O’Brien. I’m a partner at Conrad and Scherer. I’m also the firm’s administrative partner. I specialize in complex commercial litigation, maritime law. And I also do some work in post judgment collection proceedings. People often ask once they get a judgement or verdict in their favor, what to do next. And […]

Section 1782 – Recent Developments

Oct 04, 2021

Written by Eric Hager | 10.6.21 A federal statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1782, provides a way for foreign litigants to take discovery in the United States and then use it in a legal proceeding abroad. Section 1782 can be an important evidence-gathering tool for parties involved in international disputes, and formulating a persuasive application for […]

No More Lawyers – Conrad & Scherer

Sep 04, 2021

Our Civil Legal System As We Know It Simply Does Not Work, So Let’s Just End It! In my opinion by Irwin Gilbert, Esq. That headline may make my colleagues in the legal profession recoil, but no one can dispute that the state of our current legal system is abysmal. It’s broken. We can’t or […]

Meet Our Partner, Russell R. O Brien

Aug 04, 2021

I graduated from Berkeley in international area studies and received a grant from the National Security education program to study Arabic in Cairo. So I went to Cairo, was there for a year and was studying Arabic and had the intention of going into Arabic linguistics. While I was there, I got connected with an […]

Land Use and Zoning Litigation

Jul 04, 2021

One of the unique aspects of Conrad and Scherer is not only can we assist with the land use and development application processes, but we also are involved in land use and zoning litigation. So because of that we can help developers or other people applying for land use permits or applications, avoid the pitfalls […]

Women In Law at Conrad & Scherer

Jul 04, 2021

My name is Jessica Kopus. I’m a senior partner at Conrad and Scherer. I’ve been at the firm for 12 years as of June, and I started out as an associate junior associate with the firm and was promoted to senior associate partner and then senior partner. My name is Janine McGuire and I moved […]

Women In Law – A Collaborative Approach

Jul 04, 2021

One of the things that I most enjoy, as I’ve been saying is the collaborative approach that we have here at Conrad Scherer and certainly working on presentations for hearings with Sylvie has been very rewarding for me because we both consider each other’s perspectives and input on PowerPoint presentations as to our in terms […]