No More Lawyers – Conrad & Scherer

Sep 04, 2021

Our Civil Legal System As We Know It Simply Does Not Work, So Let’s Just End It! In my opinion by Irwin Gilbert, Esq. That headline may make my colleagues in the legal profession recoil, but no one can dispute that the state of our current legal system is abysmal. It’s broken. We can’t or […]

Women In Law at Conrad & Scherer

Jul 04, 2021

My name is Jessica Kopus. I’m a senior partner at Conrad and Scherer. I’ve been at the firm for 12 years as of June, and I started out as an associate junior associate with the firm and was promoted to senior associate partner and then senior partner. My name is Janine McGuire and I moved […]

Women In Law – A Collaborative Approach

Jul 04, 2021

One of the things that I most enjoy, as I’ve been saying is the collaborative approach that we have here at Conrad Scherer and certainly working on presentations for hearings with Sylvie has been very rewarding for me because we both consider each other’s perspectives and input on PowerPoint presentations as to our in terms […]

Conrad & Scherer: Legal Philosophy

Jul 04, 2021

Conrad Scherer’s philosophy is to outwork the competition. No one can outwork us, we work as hard as we can work, and it has paid dividends. We’re known for how we don’t leave any stone unturned, yet we litigate with civility. We try our cases, to the full measure. And probably something we do that […]

Meet Our Senior Partner Irwin R. Gilbert

Jul 04, 2021

I had actually started off life intending to be an engineer. An engineer, his view of the universe is somewhat different. It tends to be analytical and methodical, logical and rational. My plans had to change, and so I chose law. And I brought those skills and that approach. And here’s how it works. As […]

Meet Our Senior Associate Janine Kalagher-McGuire

Jun 04, 2021

I joined Conrad & Scherer in 1996 basically right out of law school. While some of the faces may have changed, it’s always been a group of dedicated and hard-working professionals who are passionate about what they do. I have been very lucky to work in that kind of environment. I’m very happy to help […]

Meet Our Associate, Kirk R. vonHilsheimer

May 03, 2021

I think Conrad & Scherer really has a unique role. It’s a powerful combination between a large law firm with a lot of resources and trial experience and the small tight-knit community aspect of a smaller law firm. It’s a really rare opportunity to be able to work at a firm where you get the […]

Conrad & Scherer: A Team Approach

Jan 04, 2021

When a case comes in for us to evaluate, and do our due diligence on the case. That means whether we would accept it or not, we try to work as hard as we can before we are retained to determine whether or not it’s a case that can succeed. And whether it’s a case […]